Greek Skin Care Tips

Ancient Greeks commonly used herbs and oils to nurture their glowing, olive-toned complexions. Greek skin care focuses on creating a luminous, healthy, natural-looking bronze glow. Taking care of the skin also means finding ways to prevent sun damage. Greeks use natural products to treat sunburn, and according to New York dermatologist Macrene Alexiades, who is half-Greek, a Mediterranean diet contributes to the skin's healthy glow.

Alexiades says since Greek skin produces more melanin than lighter skin types, it's better protected from harmful ultra violet sun rays. In Amanda Green's Woman's Day 2010 article, "Beauty Secrets From Around the World," Alexiades explains that Greek women don't just rely on their good genes; they believe a healthy diet contributes to glowing skin. Fish contains skin-rejuvenating omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, while fresh produce provides plenty of antioxidants and vitamins. The Mediterranean diet includes lots of olive oil, which contributes to healthy skin. Used topically, olive oil also moisturizes and relieves chapped lips and sunburn.

While many people indulge in yogurt as a healthy snack, Greeks also use yogurt as a natural skin care product. Lactose, proteins, vitamins and minerals--all found in yogurt--treat sunburn and slough off dead skin cells. Greek mask products sold online usually contain Greek yogurt. Create a homemade version of the mask using Greek yogurt, green tea and honey, according to "Mindful Beauty is in Your Hands" by Chelvanaya Bayo Gabriel.

Stretch Marks
Stretch marks--a common unwanted side effect of pregnancy--can be hard to to get rid of. Greek women drink plenty of water during pregnancy and rub aloe vera-based lotion on their stomach and thighs, according to "Naturally Healthy Skin," by Stephanie Tourle. These tips help prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. If stretch marks have already formed, one Greek tip for a natural treatment is to massage wheat germ oil onto the stretch marks.

Ground Olives
Ground olives act as a rich exfoliant to cleanse the skin. Grind olive stones and use them as a body scrub to cleanse the skin, removing dead skin cells and leaving skin with a rejuvenating glow.

The Greeks use honey as a natural moisturizer and exfoliant, according to Gabriel. Greeks have treated their skin with honey-based products since ancient times to promote a healthy glow.