Renew Your Skin While You Sleep

Our skin is our only protection from the outside world. It is expose to the bacteria, chemicals and ultra violent rays from the sun. All of these exposures everyday adds up, because of these exposures our skin is being broken down and of such, needs to be renew. Like cooking, there are formulas for renewing our skin and many dermatologist and cosmotology companies will come and give different 'formulas' that can renew our skin, but how can our skin be renew our skin while we are sleeping? Here are some tips an how to renew your skin while you sleep.

Your first step in renewing your skin is by cleansing it. How can you do that? Everynight before you go to your bed you should wash your face. Most of us apply beauty products to our skin during the day, these products will break down into combination of chemicals, free radicals and bacteria that can damage your skin. Also when we wash our face we are washing away pore-clogging dirts (whether you had a bath or not).

Because of ultra violent rays, bacterias and repeated muscle movements makes it very difficult for the skin to repair itself at nights, (that is why its very important to wash your face before you to bed at nights). It is therefore recomemded by many dermatalogist that you use creams that contains retinoids, which is derived from vitamin A to repair collagen; if you use a cream that contains retinoids it should be used at night.

Each night, along with the steps above, apply moisturizer to your skin. Reason being your skin will become dehydrated while you are sleeping even if your drinking plenty of water during the day. When choosing, it is best to choose the right moisturizer. To help increase your body's protection look for products with antioxidants and rich in fatty acids. You won't need to apply moisturizer if the product you choose from step two above, products that will repair collagen, contains moisturizing ingredients.