Treat a Skin Rash Naturally

Skin rashes are caused when the skin is violently irritated by an internal or external factor. This can result from a number of different things, including poison ivy, fungi, friction and viruses. Skin rashes can cause reactions from simple itching and redness to painful blisters. Luckily, you can easily treat a skin rash naturally, using a variety of different home remedies.

Wash and mash several whole plantain leaves and apply directly to the rash. Wrap cloth over the mashed leaves to hold them in place. Plantain contains allantoin, which is an anti-inflammatory and also is anti-microbial.

Cut off a large aloe vera leaf and remove all gel from inside. Apply the gel directly to any skin rashes. Aloe vera is a known anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, and it is perfect for treating rashes.

Purchase a vial of witch hazel liquid extract, available at most drugstores, and apply directly to the skin rash. Alternatively, you can soak a cloth with witch hazel extract and wrap it around the rash. Witch hazel will soothe and dry most rashes, making it ideal for pus-filled blisters and lesions.

Chop one cucumber into small pieces and place them in a food processor. Blend thoroughly until a puree is formed, and apply directly to the rash. Wrap with a loose cloth and allow it to sit for a full day. Cucumber is an anti-inflammatory and can be used as often as necessary.

Dip a tea bag into water and apply directly to the skin rash. Tea contains many antioxidants, is an anti-inflammatory and will relieve itching. Both green and black tea will work and can be used anytime.